• Professional Development in Oxford
    Professional Development in Oxford
    • In cooperation with the IB since 2002.
    • IB approved leaders
    • Online course fee : £650
    • Face to face* course fee : £850
    • *Social programme and all lunches and dinners included
  • IB approved leaders
    IB approved leaders
    All our workshop leaders are trained and approved by the IB. Some of the leaders we use are also employed by St Clare's as regular IB Diploma teachers whereas others are drawn from the IB Educator Network. All leaders are highly experienced IB Diploma practitioners.
  • IB certification
    IB certification
    We provide an official certificate of attendance for all participants who sucessfully complete the course. This not only enhances your own CV but also provides evidence of continuing professional development - a requirement for IB World school five year evaluation.

COVID-19 NEWS: Workshop events will be virtual until December 2021

As a result of the on-going uncertainty  regarding COVID-19 restrictions all our workshop events up to and including December 2021 will be run as virtual events.

The dates and approximate timings will be as for the face to face events. 

  • Our workshops

Category 1 

Category 1 workshops are intended as introductory workshops for those who are new to the teaching of the subject as part of the IB Diploma. It is possible that those attending category 1 workshops are experienced teachers of the subject but have not yet taught it as part of the IB Diploma.

Category 1 workshops are thus likely to be attended by teachers who are:

  • new to the IB Diploma
  • new to teaching

If you are in any doubt about which category of workshop you are best suited to please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop Workshop Date Spaces available Register
Category 1 Language A: Literature (Generic) October 2021 14.10.2021 10
Category 1 & 2 Visual Arts October 2021 14.10.2021 Workshop full
Category 1 Environmental Systems and Societies 14.10.2021 15
Category 1. Language A: Language and Literature ( English) November 2021 25.11.2021 12
Category 1 Economics. February 2022 16.02.2022 12
Category 1 History. February 2022 16.02.2022 12
Category 1 Leading the Learning. February 2022 16.02.2022 12
Category 1 Head of School (DP) April 2022 27.04.2022 12
Category 1 Visual Arts April 2022 27.04.2022 12
Category 1 English A: Literature April 2022 27.04.2022 12
Category 1 English A : Language and Literature April 2022 27.04.2022 12
Category 1 Biology May 2022 18.05.2022 12
Category 1 History May 2022 18.05.2022 12