• Professional Development in Oxford
    Professional Development in Oxford
    • In cooperation with the IB since 2002.
    • IB approved leaders
    • Online course fee : £650
    • Face to face* course fee : £850
    • *Social programme and all lunches and dinners included
  • IB approved leaders
    IB approved leaders
    All our workshop leaders are trained and approved by the IB. Some of the leaders we use are also employed by St Clare's as regular IB Diploma teachers whereas others are drawn from the IB Educator Network. All leaders are highly experienced IB Diploma practitioners.
  • IB certification
    IB certification
    We provide an official certificate of attendance for all participants who sucessfully complete the course. This not only enhances your own CV but also provides evidence of continuing professional development - a requirement for IB World school five year evaluation.

COVID-19 NEWS: Workshop events will be virtual until June 2021

As a result of the on-going uncertainty  regarding COVID-19 restrictions all our workshop events up to and including May 2021 will be run as virtual events. The dates and approximate timings will be as for the face to face events. 

  •   Live virtual workshops

    Autumn 2020.

    These workshops wil be identical in content, dates and timing to the face to face events.

    Features include:

    • our usual highly- experienced, IB approved leaders.
    • fully authorised in cooperation with IB.
    • live, virtual workshops
    • 4 hours per day synchronous activities
    • plus three hours asynchronous actvity per workshop
    • one to one access to workshop leaders
  •   IBDP - specific resources

    St.Clare's Oxford is England's longest established IB World school.

    The IB teacher workshops thus enjoy access to a number of our IB Diploma focused resources including the library, science laboratories and Visual Arts studio.

  •   Small groups

    Our workshops are small and informal. Our preferred group size is 12 with an absolute maximum of 15 participants, and we usually run no more than four subjects at any one time. Our online workshops have a maximumn group size of 12.

    This ensures that participants can easily share ideas within their workshop groups as well as enjoying the small scale, informal social events.

  •   The International College

    Just a short walk away from the IB college, the International College at Bardwell road provides the perfect venue for our teacher workshops.

    The venue is approximately a three minute walk from the Linton Lodge hotel - where the vast majority of our participants stay.

  •    Walking tour of Oxford

    All participants attending a face to face event are offered a guided walking tour of the fascinating historic Oxford City Centre.

    This lasts about two hours and usually takes place in the late afternoon after workshop sessions on the first day.

    Where posssible we incorporate an Oxford-inspired activity, resource or personality into our online events.

  •   Great food

    With the expert college catering team serving our needs - high quality refreshment and meal breaks are integral to our workshop events and are greatly appreciated by all our participants.

    Sadly of course, we have yet to find a way of delivering this experience virtually.

    All refreshments, lunches and evening meals are included in the face to face workshop fee of £850.

  •     Live virtual workshops
  •     IBDP - specific resources
  •     Small groups
  •     The International College
  •         Walking tour of Oxford
  •     Great food
  • Our workshops

Theory of Knowledge - Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts - Theory of Knowledge workshop leader

Bill Roberts has been involved with the IB for 25 years in a variety of ways. He has taught Theory of Knowledge, Mathematics and Further Mathematics around the world including in Cairo, Egypt and most recently in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He also has extensive experience as a DP Coordinator. Alongside this he has worked as a team leader for verification visits, he has been involved in reviewing five-year evaluations, has worked on curriculum reviews for both Mathematics and ToK, and has significant examining experience. 

Bill has led over sixty workshops for the IB in ToK, Mathematics HL, DP Coordination and for Administrators. He spends a lot of time advising schools on teaching ToK, integrating ToK into subject areas and the role of international mindedness in schools and has conducted over one hundred and fifty in-school workshops. He also works with the delivery of ToK and Mathematics in an online context both as a developer of courses and as a teacher.

Outside of work associated with the IB, Bill works in the field of gender studies and is on the editorial board of the Journal for LGBT Youth. His research interest is in working with older adolescents and young adults on construction of masculinity in an educational context. In his spare time, Bill enjoys reading, cooking and gardening. 



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